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Sola Rosa – Can We Get It Together

We are all loving the new Sola Rosa album Magnetics at our house, the Poetic Prince is doing daily requests for Roots and Culture. Every track is a winner, sophisticated, international and exciting. Good on you Andrew, this is a stunner, plus this video is very cool too.

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it’s ya birthday

Whoa, they grow so fast. The Poetic Prince turned 6 today! It’s been a whirlwind of a year, a year of school, teeth falling out, crazy growth spurts, periods of  imagination and inspiration, and periods of no ears, no listening, smart talk and back chat, rapping, beatboxing and dancing that Crazy Legs would be proud of.

He’s been doing jobs and getting pocket money for a year, starting with $5 a week, which he has to split three ways into three money boxes, Spending, Giving and Saving. This smart money system was something I saw and stole from Pinterest! It’s worked really well and he loves having his own spending money, loves having money to donate and setting goals for what he is saving for.

When he was 5 the jobs revolved around morning and afternoon routine, getting ready for school and knowing what to do after school so that he has time to play, and is ready for the next day. This has worked really well, and having all the chores and routine listed on the family whiteboard has been a great reading tool also.

So, now he is 6, he gets $6 and a couple of extra jobs added to his list. This year he will be emptying the dishwasher and feeding the worms as his extra jobs. The worms are an opportunity for an investigation. What do we know about worms? What do we want to know? First we both decided we need to know how and what to feed them. A google search served us well, and he made the cool poster below. Now we have a bunch of books out from the library on worms and will start a little project, finding out more about worms.

He’ll be earning that extra buck and learning at the same time. This makes an unemployed teacher mama happy.


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Funky Cold Medina

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More magic with magnets


I have been working with The Poetic Prince on his writing at school. Not actually sitting with him, but participating in an ongoing discussion with his teacher, and hopefully feeding her ideas that she can use for others kids too.

He’s finding it easier to concentrate during writing time and doing 2-3 pages each session, she has cut down on the planning he needs to achieve before he can start writing and I am developing a resource they can use in their classroom, which will probably be familiar to you. It’s simple fridge poetry. Except, I’ve made it myself over the holidays, with the help of the school laminator.

The benefit of making this myself is that I can tailor it to the words a 5 year old might use, and words that he is familiar with, but may not use quite so often. It has been pretty time consuming, but we have worked on it together, cutting out the words and sticking the magnets on the back.

There are a few little games we can play with these magnets, but the main goal was to write a story with them, so the teacher could take a picture of it, rather than sitting at a desk and writing, it’s more physically active, kids can do it on a portable whiteboard, the main class one, or standing up using a filing cabinet, fridge or dishwasher.

You can have the rapper arrange the words into groups of nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.

You can make a sentence with an error in it and have the rapper correct it.

You can take turns adding a word to build a story together.

You can leave a daily message for your little rapper.

So many ideas. As they progress it could be added to, joined with a commercially made fridge poetry set, there are many available (there is even pirate fridge poetry). Let me know if you have a go, and if you come up with any new, fun ideas.



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Dear Mr Gove

Rapping for her learners, her job, her system. Inspiring stuff.

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An Artistic Response to the Teina Pora Case

awesome stuff! Go NZ rappers, go!

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